We met Dr. Levitt, and she was a ray of sunshine.

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| March, 17 2018 | for Sandra Levitt, MD

My husband John and I were attending an Open House for MDVIP's Dr.. Wilson located in Redland, CA and a Rep. for MDVIP was attending this event. Since we were moving to AZ shortly, we inquired if they had a Dr. close to Gold Canyon, AZ. The rep. informed us that Dr. Levitt was accepting new patients, so we made an appointment to meet with Dr. Levitt. John and I waited for about an hour because she had an emergency with a patent in her office and that we could reschedule our appointment. So we did.
We met Dr. Levitt, and she was a ray of sunshine. She spent over an hour with us and told us what to expect under care.
We have had Dr. Levitt now for about two years, and she is still that ray of sunshine. When we need the Dr. she was on the other end of the phone line when my husband had a medical problem.
Dr. Levitt is one in a million! John and I are in our 80's and are trying to keep as healthy as we can trying for 100+ yrs. With Dr. Levitt's help and guidance, we might make it.

John and Phyllis J.