What is amazing is that Dr. Fast doesn't quit until I am satisfied.

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| February, 28 2018 | for Debra A. Fast, DO

I have been a patient of Dr. Fast since 2006. In these 12 years, I have been to her office only 32 times. First of all, many of these visits have been follow-up appointments, so they shouldn't be viewed as separate issues. Secondly, the greatest number of appointments have occurred in this last year. I give this background information to make the point that I tend to be wary of doctors in general and avoid them when I can. Dr. Fast is no exception but only is this regard.

As far as the medical attention that I receive from Dr. Fast, she is definitely an exception. She always listens and takes my complaints seriously. At times she even empathizes with my situation--always professionally-- and makes me feel as though I am as important as a member of her own family, not just a patient whom she sees infrequently.

Dr. Fast is thorough in her initial examinations and follow up. She consistently explains what treatments she is recommending and why--in terms that even a non-medical person can understand. What is amazing is that Dr. Fast doesn't quit until I am satisfied.

Thank you, Dr. Fast, for being my physician. I appreciate your dedication, honesty, and positive attitude. When I needed you most, you were there, and it made a difference!