What can I say; I love Dr. Maida!

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| February, 23 2014 | for E. Martin Maida, MD

What can I say; I love Dr. Maida! I have peripheral neuropathy. When I first went to Dr. Maida with my symptoms; he diagnosed it right away and got me to the right people immediately. Since then I have become very involved with the Neuropathy Association and found out that most people take a long time to be diagnosed and become very frustrated in the process. What I always remember was being upset about the way the one neurologist gave me the results of my tests, she didnt explain anything. Dr. Maida sat with me and very patiently explained the results and what they meant.

Anytime you go for visit, he is very through. You can ask as many questions as you need and he always takes the time to answer them.

Thank you Dr. Maida! You are exactly what a doctor is supposed to be.