What a relief to have a primary Doctor Who can spend time with you!

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| March, 25 2024 | for Mary E. Rupp, MD

I am thrilled to have Dr. Mary Rupp as my primary care physician. MDVIP has made it possible to have a primary Doctor Who you can see without having to wait. It’s such a relief to have Dr. Rupp available when I need to see her or have a question. When I go to the office, I know I’m going to be seen within a few minutes and Dr. Rupp has as much time as I need to treat and answer any questions questions I have about my health. Since being under Dr. Rupps care I have changed to a much healthier eating and exercising plan. She has been so helpful with her guidance. Dr. Rupp is truly inspiring about aging and staying healthy. Thank you, Dr. Mary Rupp, and MDVIP.