When a doctor is more then a physician

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| March, 20 2024 | for Albert Duncan, MD
Image provided by: John

I was hospitalized with what some experts had diagnosed as end stage organ failure in September 2013. While on “routine” hospital coverage, Dr Duncan and I met. He quickly and professionally assessed my condition and without hesitation he took me on as a patient. He made it abundantly clear he could provide a path to recovery as long as I was equally committed to a complete lifestyle change and strict adherence to a balanced recovery program. I celebrated, along with Dr Duncan, a 10-year anniversary! I found our relationship was built on absolute trust and personal commitment. Dr Duncan was unwavering in his loyalty and I am proud to be one of his many success stories. I owe a great deal to him and find the best way to pay back is to remain completely focused alongside his guidance, compassion and professionalism. I like to believe I am a better patient because of who Dr Duncan is!