Why Didn't I Find Her Sooner!

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| March, 24 2020 | for Jill B. Cohen, DO
Image provided by: Helen

That is my only regret...that I did not find The Marvelous Dr. Cohen sooner?
I had heard about MDVIP doctors, but did not want to put out the extra money. Trust me, Dr. Cohen is worth every penny! I seem to have to many ailments, nothing major, but all of them are annoying. I have been to many doctors, all of whom did not know what to do with me. And then I found someone that did. Nothing is too small or too big for her to handle. I know that I can pick up the phone and either speak to her directly or make an appointment for that for day. My favorite way of communicating with her is by email. I always make sure to tell her that there is no rush to reply and whether it is a weeknight or weekend she gets back to me immediately. I do scold her for it, but she just ignores me:-) And however insignificant my problem is , she makes sure I get immediate attention. I never feel as though I am bothering her.
She is the only doctor who gives me a complete physical each year. Her staff is pretty great as well.
This doctor is one in a million! A gem! And I consider it my good fortune to have her as my doctor. How did I get so lucky?
And she does it all with a smile!