Why I chose an MDVIP physician.

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| February, 14 2024 | for Ted J. Miller, MD

When Dr. Ted Miller told me he was going to become a MDVIP, I was unfamiliar with the program. After his thorough explanation, it was easy to see why he chose a new direction. For him to practice medicine as a MDVIP, was a win-win for both doctor and patient. He had been my primary care physician for over 30 years. There was no doubt in my mind that I would continue to be his patient. His medical knowledge, his continuing to keep up with current findings and his calm and reassuring manner have made him an exceptional doctor. I have been blessed with good health but I also have a doctor who keeps me on track. I so appreciate the time and attention I am given especially since he has become a MDVIP. I believe he is practicing medicine the way it should be practiced and the way he has wanted to practice it. Being able to call him after hours on his cell phone is a great service. Of course that is usually when I need an answer that can’t wait.
In conclusion I have the best primary care doctor and I am so pleased that he became an MDVIP. The program appears to be a great fit for him and for me as his patient.