Why I know MDVIP works

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| February, 11 2024 | for Byron F. Harper III, MD

I went to a regular doctor for years prior to Dr Harper and the MDVIP program. I was diagnosed with diabetes and was prescribed medications that made me feel sick every day. One of the medications was actually causing me a sever reaction that sent me to the ER several times, On my 6month return visits there seemed to be no solution except keep trying at a lower dose. After signing up with Dr Harper and on my very first visit he began to evaluate my medications and made changes. After a day of taking them, Dr harper reached out to me to see how I was feeling. On next visit He had lab work done and made more changes. After being with Dr Harper for 4 years i can honestly say that this is the norm. He looks at how effective the medications are at controlling my ailments as well as how they make me feel. Every visit is like he is finely tuning my meds to ensure their effectiveness as well as what side effects if any that there may be. As if that was not enough, Dr Harper absolutely blew my mind and asked if he could pray for me. After 4+ years of being in his care with monthly visits (yes i said it correctly MONTHLY) visits, he has prayed for me after each and every visit. Any Dr who cares for people in this way is a caliber above, to add the fact that this Dr humbles himself in prayer to God makes him a hero in my book. The world needs more Dr Byron Harpers and I am extremely grateful to have him. I also want to add that his staff is no exception to this treatment. Every person you encounter in his office from the receptionist to the nurses are absolutely professional, sincere, & courteous.