Words cannot describe Dr. DeRosa's Support

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| March, 10 2024 | for Joseph DeRosa, MD

Words cannot describe my appreciation for Dr. Joseph DeRosa's ongoing commitment to my care, and the care of my son. There is never a time I reach out to him that I don't hear back within an hour, most often sooner. Amy and Lisa, his team, are also at the ready to assist whenever I need attention or help. Without Dr. DeRosa's care all of these years, I'd truly be a mess! His honesty, integrity, kindness and compassion are beyond any care I've ever received, and I'm thankful for his friendship, as well. My son has had numerous health problems, and he is not necessarily on top of most of them. While it isn't easy for Dr. D or his team, they never give up reaching out. That means more to me than they could ever imagine. Thank you, Dr. D, Amy and Lisa for everything you doing and for always being there. I'm so very appreciative. With lots of love and appreciation,