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MDVIP’s affiliated primary care doctors provide personalized primary care. Physicians specialize in internal or family medicine and are committed to giving you the time and attention needed on your path to healthy living. Through a comprehensive primary care program, you will build a strong, collaborative relationship with your doctor. MDVIP-affiliated personal physicians see fewer patients and are focused on your individual health and wellness needs. They have more time to give you one-on-one attention, to answer your questions, address your concerns and develop a customized wellness plan. Your path to a personalized, preventive healthcare starts here. Use the list below to search for personal primary care doctors in your area.

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    James F. Rich, MD
    James F. Rich, MD Internal Medicine
    425 North 21st Street
    Suite 406
    Camp Hill, PA 17011
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    This physician wants to get to know you and your health needs before you join their practice. 

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