How to Set Up a Sleep Oasis

How to create a great place to sleep

A lot of surprising things can affect your sleep. For example, what you drink and when you drink it, electronic devices like your phone or tablet, the temperature of the room — even when you go to bed each night. Together, these things are called sleep hygiene and practicing good sleep hygiene can help you get consistent, healthy sleep — and help your heart at the same time. Here’s what good sleep hygiene looks like:

Your room is tidy and doesn’t distract you as you try to fall asleep.

You start a relaxation routine about one hour before bedtime.

All food and drinks have been removed the bedroom.

All unnecessary electronic devices have been turned off or removed from the bedroom.

Blue light filter has been added or applied to electronic devices that you need to keep your bedroom.

You turn off your bedroom television and radio.

You’ve set your bedroom thermostat at a comfortably cool temp.

You use ear plugs and eye shades if necessary.

Your windows have room darkening shades on them.

Your doors are locked, and you feel safe in your bedroom.

You go to bed at the same time every night.

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