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By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
October 21, 2022
Sleep deprivation is a widespread problem that many Americans face. Disordered sleep, whether it be driven by: A health issue Work conditions Lifestyle Poor sleep leads to fatigue and raises your risk for injuries. Sleep deprivation is also linked with many chronic illnesses including: Type 2… See more
November 1, 2021
You surely know by now that there’s an “ideal” amount of sleep we’re supposed to get at night: roughly seven to nine hours. This applies to the entire age range for adults, whether you’re 18 or 88.  And it’s not a loose suggestion, like how many days a week you should shower.  Sleep guidance is… See more
November 1, 2021
A lot of surprising things can affect your sleep. For example, what you drink and when you drink it, electronic devices like your phone or tablet, the temperature of the room, how much you exercise — even when you go to bed each night. Together, these things are called sleep hygiene and practicing… See more
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
February 2, 2021
Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? If you said yes, you’re not alone. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) labels insufficient sleep an epidemic. About 50 percent of Americans grapple with occasional insomnia, while percent struggle with chronic insomnia.… See more
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
January 20, 2020
Having a tough time sleeping? Check your diet. Refined carbs might be the problem, particularly among post-menopausal women, according to a study published in The… See more
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
November 18, 2019
A sleepless night can leave you feeling groggy, fatigued, irritable – and apparently craving junk food, according to a new study published in eLife. This may not be news to you, if, after a night with little shut eye, you’ve yearned… See more
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
August 16, 2019
Experts have been telling us for years that poor sleep quality contributes to heart disease. But you may not realize just how detrimental sleep deprivation can be for your heart. A lack of sleep raises your risk for cardiovascular disease regardless of your age, weight, smoking and exercise habits… See more
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
August 13, 2019

What is Parksinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a debilitating condition that renders many people confined to a wheelchair. Every year about 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with… See more
By Mart J. Amick, MD
August 10, 2019
About 70 million U.S. adults have a sleep disorder, including insomnia (short-term or chronic) and sleep apnea. More than one third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. In fact, the U.S. Centers for… See more
By Louis B Malinow, M.D.
August 10, 2019
During sleep we (1) are completely vulnerable to predators; (2) cannot hunt for food; (3) cannot hunt for a mate or reproduce; and (4) cannot care for or protect our young.  For evolution to not have eliminated sleep on this basis means that it must be incredibly important. 

Sleep may relate…

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