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Internal Medicine
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Elaine Kennedy, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Having practiced internal medicine for over 30 years, I have learned that the relationship held between the physician and patient is the most important aspect of providing excellent care. The subtleties of presentation often are key to the diagnosis of an illness. Early diagnosis is the cornerstone of excellent medical treatment.

Knowing my patients well has been a joy and has helped me with their care. Wellness, planning and preventive medicine will become even more of a focus as more time will be available with each patient as an MDVIP physician. We will have time to reason together to decide the path for each individual.

I am an attending physician at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. As your private doctor who knows you best I will be able to manage your care during any hospital stays. Specialist consultations will be arranged for you and I will follow up with the consultant to provide unified care.

I have special training in sleep medicine and have provided care in this area for over 25 years. Having a degree in pharmacy has helped open interesting therapeutic avenues over the years. Other interests include women's health, integrative medicine and preventive care. I enjoy studying comparative features of veterinary and human medicine and am always working to improve my Spanish.

Dr. Kennedy's Credentials

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St. Vincent Hospital
Indianapolis, IN
Internal Medicine 1983-1985

Medical School:
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS
Doctorate of Medicine 1982

Stanford University, Dr. Laughton Miles
Palo Alto, CA
Sleep Medicine 1987

University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS
Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy 1978

American Board of Internal Medicine
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
English and Spanish
Vice-President, Reed Medical Group 1987-present
Clinical Instructor, University of Kansas, School of Medicine 1987-present
Clinical Instructor, Wichita State University 1987-present
"Epinephrine in Rat Hypothalamus: Antagonism by Desipramine of 6-hydroxydopamine-included Depletion"; Brian Research, September 29,1978; 153(3); 615-7. Tessel, R.E.; Kennedy, L.E.; Burgess, S.D.; and Borchardt, R.T.
from Rosalea in KS March 29, 2018 for Elaine Kennedy, MD

Dr. Elaine Kennedy has been my friend for most of my life and has been my physician for 15 years. I value her medical expertise to the utmost, and I am grateful for her positive personality and her friendship

from Mary in CO March 14, 2018 for Elaine Kennedy, MD
Image provided by: Mary

Im so glad Dr. Kennedy is my primary care doctor again. Shes absolutely the best, and I cannot express adequately the depth of my appreciation for her kindness, professionalism and care. Given my health issues and her persistence in addressing them, I can honestly say Dr. Kennedy continues to contribute to my superb quality of life.

from Ruth in KS March 8, 2018 for Elaine Kennedy, MD

Dr. Kennedy delivers great medical care with knowledge, an open mind, humor, and compassion. She always goes above and beyond to make sure her patients get the best care.

from John in KS March 7, 2018 for Elaine Kennedy, MD

Dr. Kennedy has been my doc for many years. She is excellent: thorough in every way and available when needed. I should think that statement covers all that a 5 doctor needs to have said of her. Kathleen and I and our family are very grateful to her.

from Duane in KS February 28, 2018 for Elaine Kennedy, MD

I can't imagine a better relationship than what I have with Dr. Kennedy. We have been together for a very long time and she takes the time to get to know each of her patients as people not just an illness. She is totally patient focused and personally invested in their well being. Her caring attitude is obvious to all and reflected in all her staff as well.

from Judith June 7, 2017 for Elaine Kennedy, MD

she makes time to listen and help she is more than my wonderful doctor...she is a great friend