Leo C. Tynan, MD

Internal Medicine
1308 South State Highway 16
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Leo C. Tynan, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I believe wellness is the state in which the body, mind, and spirit are functioning normally and harmoniously, thereby creating a sense of wellbeing and happiness. We promote and maintain wellness when we properly nourish ourselves physically and emotionally, have regular physical activity, and minimize foods, drugs, behaviors, or situations that are harmful to us. Through my affiliation with MDVIP, my goal is to better provide useful, reliable information that will empower you to achieve and maintain wellness to the greatest extent possible, and to be there for you when you are ill or injured or when the need for coordination of complex specialty care arises. Better communication and unhurried time between us are crucial to making this happen. This is the hallmark of an MDVIP practice.

Dr. Tynan's Credentials

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Medical Center Hospital, Audie Murphy VA Medical Center
San Antonio, TX

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

Medical School:
University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Dallas, TX
Doctorate of Medicine 1985
Iatros Award 1985

University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX
Bachelor of Arts, Plan II honors 1978

American Board of Internal Medicine
Hill Country Memorial Hospital
American College of Physicians
Texas Medical Association
Texas Club of Internists
Outdoor sports, birding, conservation and reading

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Tynan

from Lynn in TX March 11, 2024 for Leo C. Tynan, MD

I am probably the most difficult patient that Dr Tynan has. In the beginning we both probably felt the other one was not really listening to what we were saying. I think we both worked really hard trying to get through to each other.. Time has a way of changing things. Slowly we begin to trust each other which has made a big difference in our relationship. I no longer dread having to see him… See more

from William in TX March 10, 2024 for Leo C. Tynan, MD

Several years ago (pre-Covid), I went for my then-annual cardiology checkup. After the usuall diagnostics and the treadmill stress test, I met with the doctor, who asked if anything had changed. I told him about my recent diagnosis of polycythemia vera. He was surprised, since, based on his tests, I was healthy and normal for my age.

"How did they catch that", he asked.

See more

from Leola in TX February 24, 2024 for Leo C. Tynan, MD

My husband and I chose Dr. Tynan as our primary care doctor when he chose to open his practice in Fredericksburg. When he chose to join MDVIP, we decided it would be a wise decision to stay with him. It was the best decision we made. We were able to have quick access to see him during our general care as well as our emergencies. My husband passed away 3 years ago. This past August (2023… See more

from Jan and Mel in TX February 22, 2024 for Leo C. Tynan, MD

Dr. Tynan has been a blessing in our lives. We have complete confidence is his diagnosis and he is always available to hear our concerns. We do not currently live in Fredericksburg, but continue to drive to his office as we do not want to replace him. He is a very caring involved doctor.

from Diane in TX February 19, 2024 for Leo C. Tynan, MD

After a follow-up up visit with my Dr. (- I believe I had originally come... to visit him for a referral to an orthopedic Dr.because I had recently fallen at home and hurt my knee) my Dr. asked me " "what is your plan B"- meaning w hat are your plans down the road for living arrangements? I had been living alone in the country on acreage with no close neighbors and no… See more

from Martha in TX February 18, 2024 for Leo C. Tynan, MD

I am 86 and have been going to Dr Tynan over 20 years.. He not only listens, but understands that I know my body and what works and doesn’t work.
I won’t take vaccines and although he wishes I would, he doesn’t get upset.. He is kind and considerate and I feel blessed to have him as my Doctor..

from Bobbye L in TX February 3, 2024 for Leo C. Tynan, MD

Well, the life-sized skeletal symbol for Dr. Tynan's "Weight Loss Program" was long ago removed from his office spaces, however, he may not realize that he has developed a new ingenious wellness plan for his patients: The most inspirational full bodied and Joyful Laugh peals forth from his office these days. Dr. Tynan has found that humor works hand and hand with our total… See more

from robert in TX March 21, 2023 for Leo C. Tynan, MD

We moved to Fredericksburg and were fortunate to begin a doctor patient relationship with Dr. Tynan. Very smart, very caring, and takes great pains to listen to and treat us. He is a rare gem. 

from Al in TX March 12, 2020 for Leo C. Tynan, MD

Approximately 5 months ago I was experiencing a mild pain in the right kidney area. (I've had kidney stones before, so I knew what that particular pain indicated) I called Dr Tynan to set up an appointment and to my surprise I was able to see him the same day. He scheduled a CAT Scan for the following day and scheduled an appointment with my Urologist the day following the CAT Scan. On… See more

from Bobbye L in TX March 11, 2020 for Leo C. Tynan, MD

As a 25 year patient of Dr. Leo Tynan of Fredericksburg, TX, I can say without equivocation that he is a man of consistency, thoroughness, compassion, high ethical values, and a GREAT asset to our community both as a physician and as a citizen. He never leaves a medical question unanswered without thorough validation of research and complete evaluation of the situation, and he gets to the… See more