Roger W. Rounds, DO

Family Medicine
10421 Montgomery Parkway NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111 Get Directions

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412.50per quarter
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I feel that every individual is wonderfully unique. My primary goal as a physician is to effectively communicate and bond with each and every patient in my practice. A state of the art evaluation of your health status will be used to develop a personalized wellness plan. I will give periodic guidance to direct you toward achievable wellness goals throughout the year. An annual assessment will direct a continually evolving plan to keep you on a path to a longer and healthier life. Throughout this process I will continue to use my years of experience to provide for your healthcare needs as they arise.

Dr. Rounds' Credentials

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Flint Osteopathic Hospital
Flint, MI
General Rotating Internship 1981-1982

Medical School:
Oklahoma State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Tulsa, OK
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 1981

University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK
Bachelor of Science, Geography 1967
Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy 1972

American College of Osteopathic Family Practice
Presbyterian Hospital
Preceptor of the Year, College of Pharmacy, University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center
Board of Trustees, St. Joseph's Healthcare System 1996-2002
Board of Directors, New Mexico Osteopathic Medical Association 1986-2001
Advisor Utilization Management, St. Joseph's Healthcare System 1992-1996
President Medical Staff, St. Joseph's Heights Hospital 1990-1992
Adjunct Professor, Clinical Pharmacy, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences 1974-1978
American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians
New Mexico Osteopathic Medical Association
New Mexico
from C. Jack March 30, 2017 for Roger W. Rounds, DO

Doctor Rounds is a friend as well as out doctor. He is always available and has had a great influence on my ability to live life better and longer. Will always be thankful he is part of my life.

from Sonja March 30, 2017 for Roger W. Rounds, DO

My doctor is one of the very few doctors who really cares and is concerned about his patience. He has been there for me and my family for more years than I can remember. I rely on him 100.

from patricia in NM March 26, 2015 for Roger W. Rounds, DO

Dr. Rounds has always been there when I needed him. He takes the time to listen. He calls whenever it is necessary, even to my house.

from Cathy in NM February 14, 2015 for Roger W. Rounds, DO

I have been with Dr. Rounds for so long that I can't even tell you how long. He not only cares for your health, but has the ability to understand you as a person. It is so comfortable to know that when you need him, he is there. Recently I had a follow-up on my wellness exam and was unable to get to his office. He called me on a Sunday to explain the results, and then sent them… See more

from Daniel in NM February 11, 2015 for Roger W. Rounds, DO

Under the care of Dr. Rounds, I have greatly enhanced confidence about my health and the certainty that everything necessary is being done to maintain my vigorous health for the years ahead.

from Susan in NM February 11, 2015 for Roger W. Rounds, DO

My husband and I continue to follow the recommendations we were given following our wellness exams. We both are now more cognizant of the foods we eat. We continue to support and encourage each other with respect to the changes we have made to our diet. We are pleased with the physical results we have seen in a short few months with the guidance provided by our doctor. We can only speculate… See more

from Paul in NM May 18, 2014 for Roger W. Rounds, DO

Dr. Rounds has more time to go into detail and will answer all questions. I don't feel rushed. All his team is very professional and I love the follow up and reminders.

from Burke in NM April 14, 2014 for Roger W. Rounds, DO

Dr. Rounds has been my close personal physician for well over 20 years. He has always offered me very sage advice, and cared for my physical condition as I have aged- gently and gracefully, due to his care.

from Cliff and Karen in NM February 23, 2014 for Roger W. Rounds, DO

While it may sound like a cliche, It takes a village to raise a child, really does apply to our children. We are the proud parents of 29 year old twin boys who both have been diagnosed with autism. We have been lucky to have many teachers, therapists, friends, and family members who have been members of our village. One of our village members who has been crucial to the well being of our… See more

from Marge in NM February 21, 2014 for Roger W. Rounds, DO

Dr. Rounds has always been a conscientious and caring physician. He has been my doctor since about 1984. He probably knows me better than anyone else in Albuquerque. I could not lose him as a doctor, and that's the only reason I joined MDVIP. Since we've been in the MDVIP system, I've been pleased to see that there are less pressures for him as a physician. He has told me… See more

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year