What Is an Executive Health Program?

The elements of an executive health program

How MDVIP's Executive Health Program Is Different

Many businesses today ignore the health of their executives, who in turn are too busy and stressed to take care of themselves. From dawn-to-dusk work days to the pressures to deliver results and keep the boss and shareholders happy to constant business travel across time zones, most executives ignore their health – to the detriment of themselves and the company. 

That’s where savvy businesses step in and provide their leadership team an executive health program. Smart companies understand that keeping their managers healthy and happy creates loyalty, promotes creativity, innovation and productivity and saves the business money in critical and general health costs. 

The goals of a quality executive health program are to determine risk factors and pre-empt potential health problems before they occur, provide expert personal healthcare for conditions, illnesses and injuries, and promote general health, including nutrition, fitness and stress management. Most programs do this through an annual ‘executive physical’ – a comprehensive and thorough annual exam that typically lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour or more and provides the following:

  • A detailed health history 
  • Thorough physical exam
  • Identification of risk factors and current and potential problems 
  • Extensive screenings and diagnostic tests 
  • Consultation on existing conditions and general concerns
  • A detailed health and wellness plan 

Tests and screenings typically focus on heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney disease and sleep and mental health issues, among others.

Executive physical follow-ups may also include optional lifestyle counseling and add-ons like fitness and nutrition coaching, a personal trainer, holistic services and massage.

There’s a real payback for investing in an executive health program: First, studies show companies can achieve healthcare savings. And second, key employees are less likely to take time off work for health reasons. Research by the University of Michigan’s Management Research Center found that annual executive physicals result in 20 percent fewer health claims and 45 percent fewer workdays lost per exec.
MDVIP’s executive health program offers many of the same benefits as traditional executive wellness programs and has two key differentiators: the cost averages $1,800 per year, and executives receive much more than a once-a-year exam. Members of MDVIP-affiliated practices also have a year-round personal primary care physician. They can call their doctor anytime, 24/7, and receive unhurried expert advice and follow-ups. Members also get same- and next-day appointments that last as long as needed. When traveling, their MDVIP-affiliated doctor can arrange care with a local pharmacy, hospital or physician, including one of the 1,000 doctors in our national network (if available).
Bottom line, executive health programs are a smart investment to help keep both your executives and your business’s bottom line healthy. Contact MDVIP today to learn more about a program that prominent executives across the U.S. have been trusting for more than 15 years.


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