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| March, 20 2020 | for Kenneth B. Goldstein, MD

Dr. K. Goldstein has been my personal physician for about 17 years. He is simply one of the best! My favorite story may be a little different than what you are looking for, but I want to share it.
I am a baseball umpire, and years ago, Dr. Goldstein was a coach for one of the teams in the game I was doing. During the game, I was hit in the arm by a foul ball and I was in a lot of pain. Needless to say, I had to stop the game. Dr. Goldstein immediately came out of the dugout and treated my arm. After a delay, I was able to continue the game with my arm bandaged. Between innings I heard many funny comments, the best one being "Gee Jim, umpire pay must be great seeing that you can bring your personal doctor to the field when you umpire a ball game." I looked at the coach for the other team and said....."as a matter of fact, Dr. Goldstein is my personal family physician." It brought a lot of laughs.
Dr. Goldstein is truly a remarkable doctor that I respect and trust. He takes the time to listen and makes me feel valued and respected. He has a combination of professionalism and caring, and I appreciate that very much. I want to thank him for being the dedicated doctor that he is. I'm very lucky to know him and have him as my doctor. I'm so glad I stayed with him when he moved to MDVIP