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| March, 11 2024 | for Mark Maldia, MD

My Dad, Aaron, has been with Dr. Mark Maldia and his staff for a couple of years. His ongoing care is superior, i.e., making convenient appointments, help with billing, ordering prescriptions, lab work, or just a general health question. My Dad is blessed to live in a good Assisted Living Facility where he continues to be able to do his own medicines. He is a Type 2 Diabetic taking a slow acting insulin and a fast acting insulin. You probably know where this story is going….This past Saturday AM, my Dad accidentally gave himself 26 units of the fast acting insulin. Thankfully, he quickly realized the mistake. When he told me, I immediately reached out to Dr. Maldia via phone and text. And, yes…this daughter was scared! Dr. Maldia promptly called me….he told me this will be ok, and he gave me advice on how to handle. During our conversation, my Dad called me, and I was able to do a 3 way call with Dr. Maldia. He made my Dad and myself comfortable knowing Dad just needed to follow his instructions. While thanking Dr. Maldia for taking care of my Dad, I thanked him for taking care of the “scared daughter”, too! We are blessed to be a part of Dr. Maldia’s practice.