Answering at text at 6:00 in the morning saved my life

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| January, 18 2024 | for Richard M. Rayner, MD

In January, 2019, my wife and I were about to head to the airport from our hotel in Baltimore (we live an hour an half away from the BWI airport) for a flight to Aruba. While I had some abdominal pain and flu like symptoms, my thoughts were that relaxation on the beach would solve everything. My wife, the wiser of the two of us, sent a text to Dr. Rayner at 6:00 in the morning regarding my symptoms. Within a few minutes of receiving that text, Dr. Rayner called me and insisted, against all of my wishes, that I not board that plane. He put the "fright" into me as to what abdominal pains could be and insisted that I head directly to the nearest ER for a scan. As it turns out, I had meckles diverticulum, which ended up rupturing, causing peritonitis. The surgeon was kind enough to inform me that if I would have boarded that plane, I would have never made it to Aruba (at lease not alive). Thanks to the quick response of Dr. Rayner at 6:00 in the morning, I've had many follow up trips to Aruba.