Best doctor ever!

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| September, 7 2020 | for Gunjan Raina, MD

I have been seeing the same doctor for years and felt like we were stuck in a circle with nothing new at each visit.

I finally decided to make Dr. Raina my PCP. She cares about all of you. My first appointment we just talked. She asked several questions and knew how I was feeling at that time and made some medication changes.

I went in next for my blood work and then my report. It was pretty much the same thing but this time we discussed my health issues and made a plan to get off some of my medications, if not all.

Leaving her office I felt optimistic that with her help I was going to get healthy again. Dr. Raina and her staff are so caring, efficient and knowledgeable I look forward to my journey.

I have never had to wait and she spends as much time with you as you need. It is not a run in the room and run out onto the next patient. This is a totally different experience.