The Best Doctor Ever

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| February, 12 2024 | for Kent M. Matsuda, MD

We meet Dr Matsuda in 2021 my Dad moved in with me and due to his past medical conditions I needed for my Dad to see a doctor right away. I was referred from a friend. I called Dr Matsuda office and was able to get an appointment right away. We were so impressed with his thorough examination as well as going over all his medication.We became a VIP member since then Dr Matsuda has recommended some specialist that were just as wonderful. Dr Matsuda has monitored my Dads condition and has removed some and added some other prescription that has dialed my Dads conditions in the best he has ever been. When there's an issue Dr Matsuda calls us back no matter what time. He has been a godsend for us and I have recommended him several times. Currently I am getting ready to place my Dad in a assisted living facility, as I have been touring 15 different facilities they all ask whom my Dad doctor is, I say Dr Matsuda and they all have said Great he's a wonderful Doctor. I'm just amazed and so very impressed how well he is know around Sonoma County. Were so fortunate to be one of Dr Matsuda patient. Thank you Doctor for the wonderful, care, patience, understanding and compassion you have given my Dad.