The Best! So say other doctors!

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| March, 9 2024 | for Chun Hong, MD, PhD

Where to start?
Dr. Hong has a deep interest in his patients, taking the time to carefully explain what's going on. His gentle demeanor is comforting. He knows the best specialists, which is a big help in scheduling appointments with them.

The best recommendation is that when my husband (who has some major health issues) goes to see a specialist, he gets comments like "I wish Dr. Hong was my primary physician." That happens a lot.

When Dr. Hong first started, my husband was in a terrible situation in a distant hospital (the "doc in the box" had him "kidnapped). They physically assaulted him to get an NG tube in and were going to operate without x-rays. When alerted, Dr. Hong quickly arranged for a rescue to get my husband back to a nearby hospital with a superb surgeon. My husband worships Dr. Hong -- who quite possibly saved his life.

The front office staff is wonderful.
Dr. Hong and his staff even laugh at my husband's terrible jokes.

He's the Best