Care and Compassion

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| January, 22 2024 | for Matthew M. O'Brien, MD

In late summer of 2022, I was diagnosed with an MSRA liver abscess. It required intensive IV vancomycin therapy both in the hospital and at home with a PIC line and visiting nursing care to continue with the IV vancomycin. After 9 days in the hospital and 8 weeks of home care I was completely stressed. After seeing my infectious disease doctor who advised 3 to 4 months of Clorox baths 3 times a week and Hibiclens showers in between those times, I was at my breaking point. I had an appointment with Dr. O'Brien. I broke down emotionally when I was with him and could not stop crying. He showed incredible compassion, understanding and sympathy. This helped me tremendously with my emotions. I will never forget this incredibly positive experience with Dr. O'Brien.