Carotid Scan Stiff Neck

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| March, 11 2024 | for Jeff Grabenstein, MD, FAAFP

During a recent follow up visit, Dr Jeff Grabenstein as how I was feeling to which I replied "great, except for a stiff neck after the carotid scan". He indicated that sometimes is the result but hang on, and walked out of the room. Returning in moments, holding a spray bottle of magnesium oil and said "let's see if this gives you any relief and sprayed one side of my neck and rubbed is briefly. We then proceeded to discuss the results of the carotid scan and discussed the way ahead. When finished that discussion, the side of the neck he had sprayed was no longer stiff. Dr Jeff proceeded to tell my why and how the magnesium oil works and then gave me a printout of several OTC options and where to purchase. Easy peasy resolution to a pain in the neck;-)