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| February, 12 2024 | for Kent M. Matsuda, MD
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I came to MDVIP several years ago during COVID pandemic. It was truly a blessing. Not only did I have a caring and attentive primary care physician, I also had access to extremely important decisions affecting my health status during the pandemic. During this time I also develop a serious back problem with associated severe chronic pain. Through the expertise of my primary care physician, I received excellent advice and care. One year ago, we moved to a new geographic area in Northern California, and I was eager to find an equally caring and professional primary care doctor. At that time, I found Dr. Kent Matsuda in Santa Rosa, CA. Over the next several months, I was evaluated by Dr. Matsuda and we mutually developed a care plan to address my pain and chronic back issues. Dr. Matsuda's care has enabled me to regain and maintain my functional abilities and enjoy life once again. All of this without need for invasive surgeries and opioid pain medications. Dr. Matsuda has been available for office visits, annual exams, lab work, diagnostic X-rays, ancillary services such as PT, and a medical weight management program. He is extremely prompt in responding to phone calls and/or text messages. This has been very helpful in getting referrals for specialty care and medication requests. I once again back to traveling and enjoying this retirement phase of life. Thank you to Dr. Matsuda and MDVIP for the compassionate care that has provided the healing of my chronic pain and back issues.