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| April, 2 2020 | for John P. O'Connor, MD

I had seen Dr. O'Connor to check on a old neck injury. He sent me for a sonogram which showed some suspicious spots in my neck area. Dr. O'Connor explained to me that the spots may have something to do with my thyroid, including thyroid cancer. He explained the steps that were probably going to happen, CAT scan and biopsy and that the results of these exams will most likely be inconclusive which would result in having a partial or full removal of my thyroid. He even referred me to a specialist to get a second opinion so I felt comfortable with his diagnosis. He explained in detail about the procedures. He even located and made appointments for me with one of the top surgeons for this type of surgery at Sloan Memorial Kettering Hospital. I ended up having my whole thyroid removed due to being cancerous. Due to Dr. O'Connor's explanation of the procedures during this whole process and his reassurance, I wasn't stressed or worried during this process. Dr. O'Connor is well informed on all the latest health and medical updates and is constantly researching new developments and information in the medical field. I don't know how I was so lucky to find a doctor like him. He bedside manner is so good that he makes you feel like you are a good friend of his, which I feel that is what he thinks of his patients, as good friends.