Doc Leah and staff Christa & Ann Marie

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| March, 28 2024 | for Leah Ozdemir, DO, FACOI, CMD

My previous MDVIP doctor of 30 +/- years informed me in 2021 that his retirement was near, And my healthcare would be put in the hands of a young, female Doctor named, Leah Ozdemir. Being an old-fashion man (back then) on the planet for 3 “score” + 14 years, that’s not what I really wanted to hear. Yet, now 3 years in, Doc Leah, has helped me manage minor maladies to major medical health scares. She listens, counsels and examines, (and I’m always aware), She remains committed to providing me with the highest quality health care. Any time I have concerns, the Doc and her dedicated staff (Christa & Ann Marie) are always there. Let me add, my spouse is a retired, fussy RN. She is my medical advocate, and has watched over my care again-and-again. After a recent meeting with Doc Leah for a meet and greet audition, She has decided, going forward, to make Dr Ozdemir her primary care physician, (which is an A+ rating by her definition). Thank you, Dr. Ozdemir, for your professionalism and providing for my, and our future healthcare. It’s comforting to have you and your staff in our corner helping us with our future welfare. We look forward to the future, and with your help, to live well, and wish you and staff all the best.