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Susan and Florian
| February, 11 2024 | for John A. Fagan, MD
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I love Dr. Fagan for many reasons but one particularly stays in my heart. In 2004 Dr, Fagan was taking care of my mother. The following year when she was 85 we told Dr. Fagan we were going on a cruise to Alaska ~ 30 family members. He said that was a very good idea. She really hadn't been feeling that good but never complained. She even had to have a couple of transfusions. While we were on the ship she needed oxygen so she was supplied with the oxygen she needed. In the meantime we called Dr. Fagan's office and he called my cell phone right back! Dr. Fagan knew she had cancer but we did not know that until he called us. He wanted her to have this time with our family. He told us if we needed him ~ even in the middle of the night, to call and he would call us back. The Dr. on the ship was afraid they would run out of oxygen and had to have an ample supply in case other passengers needed it so we had to get off the ship in Ketchikan. We took my mom to the Hospital and they took very good care of her. They drained the fluid in her lungs and the next day she was ready to go back on the ship ~ however the ship had to sail on. She loved Ketchikan. This took place in the beginning of August 2005, my mom died September 15, 2005. Dr, Fagan showed my mom so much respect and always took his time with her. She loved him., and we love him too.