Doctor Kaplan rescued me from a terrible situation

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| January, 2 2021 | for Brian K. Kaplan, MD

I am writing you this to let you know how one of your Doctors turned a potential nightmare, into one of the best outcomes any person could hope for. This summer, I was in the beautiful mountains of the Blue Ridge. One night while sitting next to a fire pit roasting marshmallows with my friends and family, I started having sharp pains like never before in my lower left side of my abdomen, I couldn’t get up from the chair since the pain was excruciating. At this point, my son had to help me back into the house and get me into bed. That night I tried to tuff out the pain until it went away however, the pain continued. My wife finally talked me into going to the local small-town hospital to see if they could help me. I do not remember much except the hospital gave me IV pain medicine which helped a little. I was taken for a cat-scan, then my wife told me that the results said I had a hole in my intestines. After spending the night, I spoke to a surgeon and asked him what is going to happen with me. He said most likely, I am going to have surgery that day. Well once I heard that, fear started to come over me which was very unusual since I am not scared easily. Since I was in a small-town hospital, I imagined the worst outcome possible. Lucky for me, I remembered my internal medicine Doctor, his name is Doctor Brian Kaplan out of Boca Raton Florida. Dr Kaplan has always made me comfortable when in his office or on the phone and always gave top care and advice. So, I told my wife to call Dr Kaplan. It was after hours and she left a detailed message with his service. At this point, I told my wife that she needed to get me out of this hospital. Like a Miracle, Dr Kaplan returned my wife’s call, it only took him 5 minutes to call her. After my wife spoke to Dr Kaplan, he advised for me to leave the hospital and get to a bigger well-known hospital if possible. My wife tried her absolute best to get me transferred but since this was happening at the same time as COVID-19, she was told repeatedly that no beds were available. Even though I was medicated and foggy, I saw my wife crying, so I asked her what is going on, she just said you have a hole in your intestines and I can’t get you out of this hospital. I told my wife to get Dr Kaplan on the Phone, she did, and I had a chance to speak to him. I told him the trouble we were having getting me transferred to a bigger hospital and since he already knew my condition, he sounded genuinely concerned. Then, Dr Kaplan said I believe I can help you, and to give him a little time and he will call me back. Well this is where the miracle really kicked into high gear. Dr Kaplan called right back as promised and he told me he spoke to one of his friends who was on the Board at Duke. His friend took charge and got a hold of his Doctors at Duke and they arranged for me to get transported to their hospital. The Doctors and nurses at Duke were incredible and they treated me with IV antibiotics and a NG tube to remove the bile from my system, seven day later, I was able to return home. One of the many things at Duke that impressed me, was the President of Duke came to my room and told me if there was anything I didn’t like or if I needed anything, all I needed to do was call her on the phone number she gave me and it would be taken care of immediately. I am incredibly grateful for the care I received at Duke and the excellent attention that I received from Dr Kaplan, thankfully two weeks later I am completely better.