To a doctor who both cures and heals

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| March, 28 2024 | for Richard J. Seidt, MD

I like to tell Dr. Rich that he both cures and heals, the best possible conversation. I trust his medical knowledge, cautions, and advice. If he needs to prescribe meds or give a shot, its curative. But his healing is when we talk about human things, person to person...when I asked him for a prescription to help me as a senior with ED issues, and I told him about my love, he told me "I'm so glad you are seeing someone!" No other doctor I have ever had in my long life would say such a tender, supportive thing. Healing. And we can be playful as he gives me my annual physical, talking about family and food. When he told me he was no fan of beets (many are not) I made him casunziei, a beet ravioli I often make, for him and his wonderful staff, to prove beets can be terrific. I can't imagine having that kind of relationship with any other physician I've known in my 75 years, and I have had some good ones. He is thorough in way that wows me...the paperwork he gives me interpreting the results of his physical every year is so helpful. I feel encouraged by Dr. Rich to living my best and healthiest life. Who else says Hooray, I am going to see my doc today? I do all the time.....