Doctor of a Worrier

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| February, 29 2024 | for Patricia K. Deckert, DO

I have been a patient of Dr Deckert for over 20 years so she knows me quite well. When she went with MDVIP, she allowed me to be on a scholarship in order to stay with her. Recently after the sale of my home, I became a paying member of MDVIP as I felt the annual exam was well worth the fee and staying with Dr.Deckert.
Dr. Deckert knows me so well and that I am a worrier. Recently, I was having some discomfort under my left breast and left shoulder going on for a week. Had I been on my own, I would have gone to Urgent Care and probably would have been worked up for cardiac problems. She acknowledged that she knew me well, a worrier and told me that it sounded more like a skletal-muscle problem. It was the weekend and told me to make appointment to see her the up coming week. On Monday, I went in for a massage which really helped. I text her the following day and told her that. She knew me so well and physician & personnel at Urgent Care didn't which saved me from going to Urgent Care and a cardiac work up.