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| January, 22 2024 | for David A. Targan, DO, FACP

So, my G/P is Dr. David Targan (whom I strongly believes the best doctor around). Anyway, I had some heart issues during the past summer-fall (leading to some more stents in my heart at Lankenau Hospital in November). Dr. Targan's expert advice to my rescue, once again. During that process, I once made an off-hand remark to Dr. Targan in an office visit, that my son in Colorado also had some major health issues and would need a major operation in CO in December. The next time I saw Dr. Targan, he had taken the time to research my kid's health problems, and gave me valuable information about the operation my son's urologist in CO was going to perform on my son. Totally unexpected, totally unnecessary, totally above-and-beyond, but the information and insights Dr. Targan provided about our son made my wife and I very much more comfortable with what was going on with our son. It also touched me, and made me think that Dr. Targan really cared about me and my family, not only just thought of me as another one of his patients. Dr. Targan, you are THE BEST!