Dr. Bangston and His Staff are Like a 2nd Family to Me

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Mary Susan
| March, 12 2020 | for John F. Bangston Jr., MD

I have been seeing Dr. Bangston since 2008, beginning mainly to monitor my type 2 diabetes. Dr. Bangston has gone well above and beyond what I expected from a family practitioner doctor. Any time I need to see him on short notice, he (and his assistant) make time for me at my convenience. He sometimes calls me personally to inform me of my lab results or other issues.

Just a few years ago, Dr. Bangston joined the MDVIP group, and he has personally taken the extra time with not only me, but all of his patients, to sit down face to face and go over every single aspect of my health and what I need to do to progress my issues and keep healthy. If it wasn't for him, I would have to see many other specialists and that takes time and a lot of money in co-pays. Dr. Bangston is more than qualified to address most of my health needs and concerns.

Dr. Bangston spends much of his time researching major conditions, such as heart, diabetes, etc. Every time he learns something new, he shares it with me, and I appreciate that very much. His advice has helped me do my best to stay healthy because I do not want to disappoint him when I see him for my next appointment. I consider myself very lucky to be a patient of his, and will not switch doctors for any reason as long as he is in practice.