Dr Brian Levy

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| February, 21 2024 | for Brian P. Levy, MD
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I started seeing my doctor last July 2023 He came highly recommend when I was looking for a new doctor. On my first visit my dad had joined me. Dr Levy was so welcoming to me as a new patient, plus including my dad who had found Dr Levy from a friend of his. I have an anxiety disorder since I was 25 years old. My prior doctor wouldn’t help me get my anxiety under control. Within 15 minutes of my first visit Dr Levy immediately started to get my anxiety under control! Dr Levy since then helped me get my health and wellbeing on track. His office has always made me a priority, I’m always able to see him! He always returns my calls personally. I completely trust him with my health. I’m extremely grateful he is my doctor! I thank God he is my doctor! Thank you Dr Levy