Dr. Chun Hong

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| April, 8 2024 | for Chun Hong, MD, PhD

I have been a patient if Dr
Hong's for 20 years. He is incredible in every aspect as a caring, thoughtful, spot on diagtician. ALWAYS is patient, listens, provides best recommendations for issues of concern.
One of many events particularly stands put.
After a major spinal surgery, I developed septis. I was hospitalized for a month. Dr. Hong brought in an infectious disease specialist who assisted him in treating me. Dr. Hong was hands on that entire time. Saw me every single day. Encouraged me constantly that I would get well. I did!!!!
I am overly grateful, thankful fir him saving my life, having him 'in my life' as the BEST!
Highly recommend Dr. Hong and his expertise as an outstanding physician. Redundant but factual!