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| February, 29 2024 | for Kim Jay Crawford, MD
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When Dr. Crawford told me he was changing his practice to MDVIP honestly I joined just to retain my patient status with him. Flip forward a few years and I relocated to the midwest and with healthcare for many becoming a nurse at the local pharmacy with No trusted relationship like I have experienced by having the same physician for years.
While todays digital age has become more challenging to see a Dr. for non emergency care, however for me, all I need is my phone. I can call or text and I get answers to questions and of course answer questions.
The benefit of being able to talk to a Dr. almost on demand has helped me more than I could express. As I interact with friends and family I hear stories of waiting days to get a response or having to set an appointment or worse having to go to emergency room and wait a long time since the cue is based on how hurt/sick you are. The benefit of having a trusted relationship vs always getting new healthcare people who don't understand my history and how to best communicate with me. The peace of mind I get from this is what I need as I get older. Dr. Crawford is keeping me much healthier and that's why I had to share this with Y'all!