Dr. Frank Wang, Above and beyond

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| February, 11 2024 | for Frank Wang, MD

I enrolled with Dr. Frank Wang as my primary care physician about 18 months ago. Based on my consistently excellent experiences with Dr. Wang, I also enrolled my elderly mother with him, as her primary. He has helped me through some health issues, and he has also inspired trust and confidence with my Mom. We are both 100% happy with Dr. Wang. He takes the time to be very thorough on our visits, and gives us comprehensive but easily understandable information about all aspects of our care. He is a very personable, relaxed, pleasant person to speak with, and, speaking for myself, I consider Dr. Wang to be the best primary care physician I have ever associated with in my 66 years. I think my mother feels the same. Much gratitude to Dr. Wang, and his staff members, Monica and Olivia, who are just as excellent as Dr. Wang is.