Dr. Grabenstein a great advocate

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| March, 23 2024 | for Jeff Grabenstein, MD, FAAFP
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I'm an active 80-year-old scientist-engineer still working part time at Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL). When I joined MDVIP I brought all my Gov't Medical records: 35 years at NASA & 7 yrs ORNL which Dr. G included with MDVIP to guide my preventative medicine. Altho I take no meds, he suggested 5000 IU Vitamin D3 (a bit on the high side). However, after having regular colonosopys at Mayo, often with polys, I had no more poylps with the Vitamin D3, which Dr. G expected. Another side benefit seemed to be minimal Covid impact which he also expected and our ORNL Supercomputer results also predicted. Both Dr. G & our Mayo visits reinforce my committement to exercise (swim 2-4 mi/wk), plus cycling & walking), healty meals (fruits veggies, fish, cereals but minimal meat), 8 hrs health sleep my ResMed monitors as well as Apple SleepCycle App & Health App (EKG, VO2, heart, lung exercise monitor). On each annual visit, altho I'm in great health, I bring 3-5 issues which Dr. G & I together converge on methods to address them: i.e. neck pain, ingrown toenail, groin pain. All in all my visits have been great including followup with phobe calls to Clevelend Clinic for details on annual test results which Dr. G explains in indersyandable detail. :)