Dr. Greg Parks Wailea Maui Hawaii

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| February, 28 2020 | for Gregory Park, MD

You have been our doctor for over thirty-five years plus, You have been through our difficult times as well as the happy outcomes. We so appreciate all the listening you do whether it be about a trip we took or sharing travels with us. You always take such good care off both of us even if you have to go the extra mile to find better medications when one doesn't work or in my case trying to find the right doctor to take care of me when it doesn't fall in your field. I always tell you that you can't retire till we leave this world before you, We would never find a replacement for you, a doctor that listens, heals, and cares for all of your patients. You are irreplaceable and your staff are the most genuine and sweet girls possible. I wish all doctors had the heart that you have. God bless you and your wife always!