Dr. Joe is the best!

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| April, 15 2022 | for Dr. Joseph T. Morandi

My journey with Dr. Morandi began before he joined MDVIP. I was diagnosed with breast cancer after my first physical. He was very understanding and I made it through surgery, chemo and radiation. Over the years he has helped me through many illnesses. He and his staff have always been courteous and understanding. This friendly, courteous atmosphere continued after he joined MDVIP. I kept him as my primary care physician and I joined MDVIP. There was great concern when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Again, I was helped through surgery and chemo. I was able to feel comfortable knowing if I had an issue all I had to do was call. Most recently I caught COVID! I called the office. The staff came out immediately and tested me. Confirmed I in fact had covid. Dr Joe called me to discuss treatment. ( This is why I love him so much) I was able to express my feelings about treatment and we agreed on a plan. I have since recovered with his help. I can' say enough about this doctor and his compassion for his patients. DR JOE you are the best!!!