Dr John Bangston: he genuinely cares

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| January, 21 2024 | for John F. Bangston Jr., MD

He is always willingly there for me no matter what I need. And always supportive with no questions too small for his time and concern! He goes above and beyond what is “his job” and is always free to talk me thru the next step needed! I recently was talking to Dr Bangston on the phone about a medical problem and afterward my husband said to me (he has a different physician) …..“ Do you realize how lucky you are to have a doctor that cares that much about you and your health problems, I would do anything if my doctor gave me even a twentieth of care and concern Dr Bangston’s gives you!”. …..Even though I have many health concerns and several specialist for my needs, I have always trusted him and consulted with him first for any diagnosis’s or medication changes needed. He is the best diagnostician I’ve ever met. ( and I worked for doctors for all 42 years before my retirement) He’s been my doctor for over 25 years and will remain so as long as he’ll put up with me!! My husband is right! I’m very lucky and thankful to have Dr Bangston as my physician!!