Dr Joshua Nguyen

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| January, 23 2024 | for Joshua Nguyen, MD

Testimonials from a husband and wife: 

From the husband: How can we provide a BRIEF testimonial, but we'll try. Dr Nguyen has been our Primary Care Physician for over 30 years. Although we moved to Galveston for approx 12 years, there was no way we would change physicians. He has been attentive and quickly responsive to my every medical issue, although there is nothing major and I am 82 years old. He has kept me healthy and referred me to Urologist as required (I have been seening Dr Pham for 20 years). Thank you Dr Nguyen for referring me to Dr Pham. If additional research is required, he quickly does just that and responds in an extremely timely manner. 

From the wife: I cannot image my life throughout these years with all my mental issues. Although he has referred me to many Psychiatrists and Therapists, I have not felt as well taken care under them (and no longer try) as I have under direction of Dr Nguyen (both phsycial and mental issues). In spite of mental issues, I have been successful in both my educational pursuites as well as working overseas without major issues. My husband communicated often with Dr Nguyen when I was oversease if issues surfaced (of which employers and co-workers were not aware.) His encouragement was invaluable. Without Dr Nguyen, I indeed would have experienced a horrible path in my search for positive medical mental health. At times, I am hesitant and embarrassed for an office visit, but ALWAYS when I leave his office I am filled with hope and equiped with knowledge to handle any issues. We realize in talking to others, we have much to be thankful for in Dr Nguyen's guidance / super due diligence in his research / true caring. This family truly LOVES Dr Nguyen.