Dr. Kevin Thompson is dedicated to his patients

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Glenda JoAnn.
| December, 3 2019 | for Kevin C Thompson, MD

On Friday, October 15, 2019, I realized that I had a serious UTI confirmed with an AZO test strip. It was 8:18 pm. I called Dr. Thompsons cellphone, told him I needed medication and he ordered the antibiotic and I was taking my first pill at 8:48pm. The reason I had this UTI was because of a scope done locally here in Sarasota by a specialist. His recording advised me to go to an Urgent Care. Because I have MDVIP, I was able to get relief in less than an hour from a doctor who knew my problems with antibiotics and it didnt take hours to get help. Dr. Kevin Thompson is dedicated to his patients. This is one of the best decisions Ive made for medical care. I rate him with a solid 5.