Dr. Lashkari changed our lives!

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| March, 12 2020 | for Saman Lashkari, MD

Dr. Lashkari was referred to us by a dear family friend that had been his patient for years. Because my mother had dual coverage, resulting in no additional out of pocket expenses, I refused to commit to the expense of a concierge physician service. As my aging mother's medical needs increased it became increasingly more difficult to manage her care, so I finally caved and signed up with him. The decision to transfer our care to Dr.Lashkari has been the best decision we've made and the best use of money spent. By receiving care from Dr. Lashkari, I now realize what wonderful medical care really looks like. He took all the insanity out of tracking down specialists, and trying to get answers to urgent questions at on a weekend. He has made certain that during the times that my mom is too ill or frail to come to his office, that a nurse goes to her. His knowledge of age appropriate medications, treatment protocols, and implementation of best practices is outstanding. His ability to effectively and proactively use all available resources has literally saved my mother and eliminated the stress of trying to arrange quality care for her on my own. I can not begin to express the confidence, comfort and appreciation that our family has because we have Dr. Lashkari on our side. Thank you to Dr. Lashkari and your office staff that always takes our calls and follows up with us.