Dr. Luis Echarte, our primary doctor

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| January, 19 2024 | for Luis J. Echarte, MD

Unfortunately I lost my first story for my submission. It just disappeared when I was typing it. So I hope this story is at least as interesting and good! So here we go! Dr. Echarte has been our primary MDVIP PHYSICIAN for a few years since Dr. Charles Shenker, our MDVIP physician retired. He was incredible! Then Dr. Echarte took over Dr. Shenker’s practice. At first we were a little bit worried about having a new doctor. We gradually got to know and respect Dr. Echarte. He is an excellent physician, as we have come to find out. He puts our concerns, needs, interests, and family above everything when he is spending time with us and other patients. One thing that is very noteworthy, is that he teaches as he discusses your health on exam. This is really helpful. Even though I have a medical background, as a teacher myself, I really appreciate his details with regard to diagnoses, possible contributing issues, possible options, and necessary treatments. Dr. Echarte has seen us, and helped us through several serious health issues. We are very grateful for his care, especially through our difficult times. Of course, Dr. Echarte has an incredible, caring, compassionate, and very knowledgeable staff: Cherri Williams, Angela Robinson, Arlety Gregorios, and Carlos. These people of course, are the first contact of Dr. Echarte’s practice. They help him to be the excellent physician that he is. His office practice is a well oiled machine! Since my husband and I are in our seventies, we have concerns about end of life issues, which we have both already been very close to. I hope Dr. Echarte will continue to give us hope and encouragement with this part of our future. I pray for him everyday. I know that he cares for us through the hands of Our Lord, the Greatest Physician, who guides him with patient exams, tests needed in making diagnoses, to be compassionate, and treatments to cure or treat his patients. I hope and pray this will always be the case. There is one thing I do wish was different, and that is for Dr. Echarte to be on Staff at Memorial Hospital. This is because of their Cardiac, Cancer, and Nephrology physicians who treat us as well. This would certainly be a blessing for us. God bless and take care of our doctor always. We are grateful for all that you do for us.