Dr. Maldia Makes a Difference

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| January, 18 2024 | for Mark Maldia, MD

When I retired at 76, it was initially difficult to develop active non-work interests. It was fun having time to cook, read, and write, but these somewhat sedentary activities did nothing to help me lose weight, build muscle, or move more.

Dr. Mark Maldia, through BMI, weight, and other health measures, tracked and managed the direction of my overall health. He answered my questions about what I needed to change, suggested achievable short term goals, helped me develop plans to achieve them, and provided encouragement for my "baby steps" of positive progress toward a healthier lifestyle, praising even the smallest increases toward my short and long term goals.

Related to osteoarthritis, bilateral hip replacement surgeries, and the initially sedentary post-retirement activities, it had become taxing to carry groceries in from the garage upstairs to the kitchen. With intermittent fasting, increased walking, stair-climbing, gardening, and personal home landscaping, I lost weight, increased my strength and endurance, and started doing more activities.

Now I can more easily manage stair-walking, up and down, with groceries or other items, run more errands for a longer period of time, enjoy more outings with friends and family, and, to my surprise and delight, enjoy playing pickleball at a decent level for a 79.5 year old!

I appreciate Dr. Maldia's medical knowledge, his ability to recommended exercises to counter the small and large hindrances one encounters with advancing age, his patience in listening to concerns, and his honest yet compassionate communication abilities in conveying just what I need to hear to keep moving forward. My sincerest thanks for his superb care!