Dr. Martin has been my physician for 22 or so years.

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| February, 23 2014 | for J. Frank Martin Jr., MD

Dr. Martin has been my physician for 22 or so years. Therefore, when he joined MDVIP, it took no thought on my part as to weather I would join him. He is the best doctor I've ever been to -- he is not only a great diagnostician, but he really listens to his patients (and reads the innumerable articles I've sent him over the years). He has always been very proactive and concerned with prevention. I have many, many stories of what his personal attention and concern have meant to me over the years. One only is after 6 or 7 years of being treated by 2 different allergist, I went to Dr. Martin and said I was done with their shots and huge number of meds. I said I wanted to try a macrobiotic diet. I thought he'd say (as most people did) what's that? But he knew the diet and said it was great, but hard to stick to. When I got down to 87 lbs on this diet, he was the only person who said don't worry, you'll level off and I did. But, he literally saved my husband's life by early detection of esophageal cancer. After chemo, radiation and 10 hours of surgery 4 years ago, he is still cancer free. These are only a couple of the many stories I could tell. He is an amazing, attentive and kind doctor. I was so concerned that his patient load would be full before I could sign up so, no doubt, I was one of the first to sign up!