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| March, 2 2020 | for Saman Lashkari, MD

A number of years ago I was referred to Dr. Lashakari by a well regarded nurse who, at the time, was working for one of the nations top Oncologists. It was the greatest gift and remains one that I am forever grateful for, because Dr. Lashkari epitomizes what great medicine is and sadly isn't often found in healthcare anymore. He is smart, experienced, thoughtful, kind, considerate, well-connected and cutting edge on current and emerging science. He has guided me through general health from my 30's to now, middle-aged. He was the first doctor after many years of hip pain, beginning in my early 30's, to get me accurately diagnosed with a deformed hip that required a full hip replacement at a young age. He was able to think and see outside the box that a woman my age would and did need a full hip replacement. He connected me to one of his many colleagues who is one of the top orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles, if not the country, and I had an excellent surgical result. Dr. Lashkari is always available to consult and treat. He responds immediately to problems or concerns and is office staff is just as wonderful as he is. I would happily and eagerly refer anyone to him with complete confidence. Consider yourself lucky to have him as your doctor. He is truly one the best. A++++++ !!