Dr. Snook provided the key to unlocking my health goals

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| February, 19 2024 | for Murray Snook, MD
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When I retired and moved to Texas in 2021 to be close to my young grandchildren, I was overweight and unable to keep up with the little ones without getting winded. My high cholesterol was being treated with medication, and I was in need of a primary care doctor in my new state. I saw a brochure about Dr. Snook and MDVIP, and decided to invest in improving my health. I was able to get scheduled quickly, become part of the Wellness Program, have detailed conversations with my doctor about my general health and improving my heart and coronary health, and set goals to safely lose weight, increase my activity level and adjust my medication. He introduced me to the helpful tools on the MDVIP website, and explained every indicator on my wellness report in a way that motivated me to get started. Two years later I achieved and have sustained weight loss of over 30 pounds, my inflammation and cholesterol markers are way better, and I'm able to be strong, cook healthy for myself and my family, and keep up with the grandkids. Dr. Snook and his nursing staff are wonderful, and were even able to rush a needed prescription at Christmas time when I came down with the stomach flu. I never had a doctor who did so much to help me become the most healthy version of myself - thank you Dr. Snook!