Dr. Stephen Hilty

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| February, 23 2024 | for Stephen A. Hilty, MD
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My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Hilty since 2001. When he joined MDVIP several years ago, we had no hesitation to join as he is that GOOD! Dr. Hilty is always up to date on the latest studies and informs us if anything pertains to our health or specific illnesses. He explains things so we can understand and makes sure we have time for questions. We have always been able to contact him and he responds in a reasonable time, during office hours or not. Once I was hospitalized out of town. I wish I had called him before going to the ER as he would have saved me a lot of worry. Dr. Hilty knew that a procedure two days before had caused the symptoms. My husband has recently had difficulty with increasing congestive heart failure. Dr. Hilty's office contacted us daily for weeks so meds could be adjusted quickly up or down, or meds added, to titrate a safe excretion of fluids. Help from Home Health and appropriate lab draws were ordered so my husband was closely watched.
Along with good medical care, Dr. Stephen Hilty is a very caring and compassionate man. We have felt very supported throughout the years under his care and even more so with the loss of one of our sons recently. We are not just patients, Dr. Hilty makes us feel supported emotionally and physically.